Restoration Rosa Negra Suitcase

Restoration Rosa Negra Oxygen Defense Cellular Complete Treatment

HK$ 36,800


The complete Restoration Rosa Negra Oxygen Defense Cellular skin care line.
Its unique formula contains the rose Jericho, oxygen, vitamin A,C, and E providing the skin a whole new level of firmness, hydration, tightness and radiance.
This set includes treatment for all regions of the face and the eyes:

– A transformative night mask which is a two in one mask that converts into a night cream which exfoliates, firms, and hydrates the skin while at rest.

– A cellular nectar which assists in delivering the skin oxygen and protection to the skin from environments that the skin is exposed to daily.

– An extraordinary cellular enhancer that helps the skin by protecting it from environmental damages and premature aging.

– An eye elixir mask that immediately repairs the skin of the eyes providing a fresh, tight, and youthful appearance.

– A cellular eye cream increases the activity of blood circulation and oxygen while supplying the eye protection from pollution.

– A cellular lift that does miracles to the eyes and supplies an instant effect reducing wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.