Rosa Negra Restoration Oxygen Defense Cellular Transformative Night Mask

HK$ 7,440


The exceptional formulation helps in nourishing and restoring balances due to imbalances caused by the skin’s aging process. This is an overnight outstanding all in one oxygen, firming, moisturizing, and exfoliating mask which also acts as a magically transformative night emulsion. The cream provides ultimate hydration thanks to the superior power of the resurrection Jericho rose. Jericho Rose is well-known for its unsurpassed ability to withstand dryness, but when watered, it entirely recovers and returns to life. This incredibly soft textured cream melts and wraps your skin dramatically with consistent hydration. As a nightly healing agent, it will assist in prevention against premature aging and bring back a natural glow you always crave.



Apply one to three times per week onto cleansed skin. Massage in smooth circular movements over the whole face while you avoid the area close to the eyes until the exfoliating cream have entirely melted in. Leave it through the whole night.